Our skin, especially when it is exposed to pollution and atmospheric agents, requires a deep and effective daily cleansing. The facial cleanser is the basis for every treatment and is the perfect ally to keep the skin glowing and elastic.


Illuminating gel cleanser 


Gentle cleaning - Makeup remover.

Gel cleanser.  Helps to eliminate impurities, dead cells.


Anti-aging milk cleanser​

Nutritive cleaning - Makeup remover.

Milk cleanser that leaves the skin soft and without impurities. Rich in natural antioxidants. 


It is the second step for a complete beauty routine. The serum accelerates the action of the active ingredients. Milanesi's serums have a very concentrated composition and are able to penetrate deeply into the dermis.


Purifying serum​

Hydratant - anti-pollution

It helps to treat dilated pores and signs of tiredness. Skin looks bright and uniform. 


Illuminating serum​

Protective effect - energizing 

A refreshing antioxidant. Its ingredients help to treat the signs of skin aging.


Anti-aging serum​

Anti-pollution - elixir of youth

Beneficial and nutritive properties. Repairing action. Leaves the skin tone, elastic and hydrated.



One of the most delicate parts of the skin is the eye contour area. The dermis has a much thiner layer compared to the rest of the face and is absent of sebaceous glands that have the task of keeping the skin hydrated. Being a very particular area, it must be treated as such with special products.


Purifying eye treatment​

Rested eye - refreshing.

Nourishes and moisturizes the eye contour. Helps to strengthen the skin tissue.


Illuminating eye lift ​

Anti-age -  relaxing effect.

Mix of ingredients with a filling action.

Peptide with a Botox-like effect. Helps to counteract the effects of free radicals.



The skin of our face, unlike other parts of the body, is constantly exposed to external agents (pollution, sun, makeup) and internal agents (hormones and nutrition). Each type of skin, based on its characteristics, requires specific treatment and product.


Illuminating moisturizer​

Anti-pollution - firming

Fast absorbing, moisturizes and gives brightness to the skin.


Anti-aging moisturizer​

Lift effect - tensor. 

Ingredients with plumping and nourishing properties that help to reduce signs of fatigue and aging. It gives elasticity to the skin.



Our facial treatments are useful for hydrating, revitalizing, purifying and illuminating the skin once or twice a week.. They are particularly studied to help stimulate and penetrate better the specific functional ingredients our skin needs and stimulate the reception of the other treatments (serums, moisturizers) that have been applied during the rest of the week.


Purifying mask​

Rigenerating - relaxing.

Gentle scrub treatment with ingredients with firming action. It helps to eliminate dead cells and to treat lines of expression.


Pure gold treatment


Revitalizing anti-aging mask.

Helps to regenerate the skin. With ingredients useful to treat the effects of skin aging.


24K Magnifica gold mask


A treatment that uses 24k gold leaves as a mask, suitable for all skin types. Pure gold gives radiance, tone and elasticity to the skin like no other ingredient.

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