The 24K gold leaves chosen by Milanesi skincare, once applied directly to the skin, give an effect of pure brightness. Gold, thanks to its nourishing pro-aging properties, is known for its ability to restore the skin, leaving a tonic appearance. This precious ingredient is able to regenerate the skin so that the signs of aging related to loss of tone and elasticity are less noticeable.

For all skin types.

The box contains four 24K gold leaves + a sample of the Illuminating* Cream from Brera line.


* Activity related to the ingredients contained.


“Ero curiosissima di provare questo prezioso trattamento e i risultati non hanno deluso!”

— Camilla B.



Gold has been, since the dawn of time, the symbol of excellence for beauty. It improves the appearance of skin compactness and gives a radiant glow. Skincare with gold can slow down the decreasing levels of collagen in the skin cells. The small gold particles are absorbed by the skin giving an aspect of eternal youth.



100% Made in Italy, natural, certified organic, vegan and dermatologically tested 


24 carats pure gold treatment that gives an effect of immediate radiance, elasticity and youth to the skin.


  • an anti-aging treatment

  • stimulating skin cell renewal

  • an effect of immediate brightness

  • having a toned, elastic and young skin.*

*Activity related to the ingredients contained


Apply a thick layer of a Milanesi skincare Serum or Cream on a perfectly clean skin. Apply the gold leaves gently pressing on the face: one for each cheek, divide one for the forehead and the chin and one for the rest of the face (nose, lips). Leave on the skin for 10-15 minutes. Finally, wet your fingers with warm water and massage the skin to benefit the gold absorption. Rinse away the rest for a radiance effect!



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